Pirates of the Burning Sea Wiki


Eine Auszeichnung wird von Marineoffiziers durch anwenden der 'Claim Prize Ship' Fähigkeit, oder von Freibeutern durch anwenden der 'Grease the Wheels' Fähigkeit auf ein Wrack.

Navy players can hand them in at the Naval Headquarters in your nations capitol. Freibeuters can trade them in at the:

  • St. George (Port Royal, Great Britain)
  • House of Marque (San Juan, Spain)
  • Fortune Club (Pointe-à-Pitre, France)

Speak to the Lieutenant there in order to receive the quests for the following rewards:

Turn-in Reward
5 Commendations for Diligence 12 Hull Patch, Rough
11 Mast Brace, Rough
1 Spare Guns, Rough
5 Structural Brace, Rough
11 Crate of Heavy Round Shot
1 Tales of Adventure xp book
1 Swashbuckling Skill Respec
1 Career Skill Respec
25 Commendations for Diligence 'Bermuda' Sloop
5 Commendations for Courage 8 Hull Patch, Inferior
10 Mast Brace, Inferior
1 Spare Guns, Inferior
3 Structural Brace, Inferior
11 Crate of Bar Shot
13 Crate of Canister Shot
11 Crate of Chain Shot
13 Crate of Grape Shot
11 Crate of Star Shot
1 Adventure on the High Seas
50 Commendations for Courage 'Mediator' Cutter
10 Commendations for Temperance 4 Hull Patch, Standard
5 Mast Brace, Standard
1 Spare Guns, Standard
2 Structural Brace, Standard
50 Commendations for Temperance 'Curieuse' Heavy Snow
40 Commendations for Justice 1 Ares' Cannon Modification 1
1 Odysseus' Cannon Modification 1
1 Gorgon's Cannon Modification 1
1 Daring and Derring-do
50 Commendations for Justice 'Mediator' Mastercraft Cutter
10 Commendations for Bravery 16 Hull Patch, Improved
20 Mast Brace, Improved
1 Spare Guns, Improved
6 Structural Brace, Improved
50 Commendations for Bravery 'Stralsund' Frigate
20 Commendations for Skill 1 Hermes' Sails Modification 1
1 St. Elmo's Masts Modification 1
1 Danger and Glory
50 Commendations for Skill 'Raa' Frigate