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Vera Cruz
Spain Flag.png
Nation: Spanien
Region: Neu Spanien
Info: Kann nicht erobert werden
Ressourcen: Keine

Spanische Start Stadt.


The sea port was founded by Hernán Cortés, who first landed there in 1519 at the start of his quest to conquer Mexico for Spanien. It was named La Villa Rica de la Vera Cruz ("The Rich Town of the True Cross"; the name is also occasionally given as La Rica Villa de la Vera Cruz).

It was Neu Spanien's main port, where silver and wares from the Manila Galleons transported overland from Acapulco were loaded onto the Spanish treasure fleets for shipment to Spanien. The port was harassed by hostile powers and by pirates, who succeeded in pillaging the Stadt in 1653 and in 1712. In response to such dangers the large fortress of San Juan de Ulúa was built on an island in the harbour, beginning in 1565 and substantially expanded several times later.

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